Heating, cooling and dehumidifying

As with all rooms, the GEO series domes require a detailed calculation of the air-conditioning required. The location and intended use of the domes are crucial in determining the required heating and cooling capacity of the units to be used. We will be happy to advise you.

Energy-efficient heating, cooling and dehumidification with split air conditioners or air-conditioning boxes

All GEO series domes are factory fitted with a connection (outlet) for air conditioning. Incorporated in one of the coupling segments is a connection (DIN standard), which can be connected to the output of any commercially available air conditioner or air-conditioning box with or without an adapter. Any condensation is drained off directly to the outside via condensation hoses that pass through the foundation ring. Laborious disposal of condensation via a tank is no longer necessary. If an air conditioner with an external unit is used, this can also be set up easily using the connection provided. The electrical supply to all devices in the interior of the dome is made possible by a bushing for electrical cables located in the foundation ring. The units can be connected via commercially available extension cables. If air conditioning is not required, the air-conditioning connection is closed with the transparent Makrolon UV® cover supplied.

Heating with commercial fans The volume to be heated in geodesic dome buildings is much smaller than in conventional rectangular buildings. Because of their design, the domes of the GEO series have efficient air circulation and can be heated up very quickly with fan heaters. Commercially available electric heaters are entirely suitable for heating the domes. Even fan heaters in the lower price range often have sufficient heating capacity to create a comfortable climate quickly.

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