The AirFlap

The design and utility model patent skylight from Dutch Daily Domes. After intensive development work, Dutch Daily Domes has developed a skylight that allows all domes of the GEO series to be optimally ventilated even by rain or storm. Warm air always flows to the highest point of the dome and this is where the “AirFlap” comes into play. An integrated “ventilation flap” can be opened or closed by a special magnetic closure system. When the “Air Flap” is open, warm air can flow out unhindered, which prevents overheating or heat accumulation inside the dome. If you heat your dome in cool weather, you can easily regulate the fresh air supply and your comfortable temperature inside the dome by briefly opening or closing the “AirFlap”. Don’t worry if you forget to close the ventilation flap, the special construction of the “AirFlap” prevents rainwater from entering uncontrolled.

AirFlap image