LED all-round lighting

The LED light strips feature an intelligent and energy-efficient 220 volt control system. They are waterproof (IP 65) and easy to install. The LED light strips are connected to the mains via a standard 220 volt plug; an electrician is therefore not required.

Flexible LED light strips are a further development of conventional, mostly rigid light strips. Thanks to a special mixture of deformable PVC, the elastic LED light strips can be conveniently inserted around the inner edge of the foundation ring and thus illuminate the dome over the entire outer perimeter. Use of high-quality LEDs means that the strip lights have powerful light intensity. A pleasantly diffuse light that is easy on the eye is created over the entire length of the light strip.

By laying the LED strips at the lower edge of the dome, the light radiates through the MakrolonĀ®UV envelope of the domes. The radiated light is distributed throughout the dome via reflections within the material, giving the external impression that the dome is glowing softly over its entire surface.

Length of the light strips:
GEO 3.7 = 10 m plus power cord and plug
GEO 5 = 14 m plus mains cable and plug
GEO 8 = 22 m (2 x 11 m) plus mains cable and plug

Power supply: 220-230 V
Consumption: approx. 9 watts per metre Light colour: Neutral white Service life: approx. 10,000 h Mains plug incl. cable: approx. 90 cm Diameter of light strip: 8 x 16 cm