Connection for air conditioning hose

All domes of the GEO series have a connection opening for air conditioning systems installed in the factory. Any commercially available air conditioning box or air conditioning system can be connected using the DIN pipe connection in one of the Makrolon®UV segments with the help of pre-drilled holes and a large outlet for the exhaust air hose. Any condensation water can be drained off directly via the foundation ring using a condensation hose. There is no need for laborious disposal of condensation via a condensation water tank.

If a large outdoor air conditioning unit is used, this is also easy to connect to the existing connection. The electrical supply to all devices in the interior of the dome is made possible by a bushing for electrical cables located in the foundation ring. The units can be connected via commercially available extension cables. If air conditioning is not required, the air conditioning connection is closed with the Makrolon®UV cover supplied, which simply screws in place.

Connection Air Conditioner image