Door frame element

The floor/door frame segments of all models in the series are made of high-quality steel of grade S235 EN 10025-2. The frame construction and the side parts of the door, including the bottom segment, are an independent, highly stable component that is torsion-resistant, extremely robust and resistant to all environmental influences thanks to its solid design. On completion of the handcrafted component, the entire frame construction of the door is fully galvanised.

Unlike aluminium, plastic and even stainless steel, steel is highly resistant to even the harshest environmental conditions. Steel uniquely combines the properties of strength, low deformability, toughness and hardness. Galvanised steel has a high ecological balance and offers the most economical long-term corrosion protection of all known systems.

A shock-absorbing door seal is fitted around the door frame, which adequately protects the glass door even if it is caught by a strong gust of wind.

At the customer’s request, all parts of the steel structure can be painted in a variety of colours, but the base is always high-quality galvanised steel.

Door frame element image
Door frame element image