Transparent entrance door

The film door installed in a steel frame in the GEO3.7 model by GermanDomes is:

  • fitted with robust zips on both sides

  • space-saving

  • extremely resilient

  • impact-resistant

  • scratch-resistant

  • easy to clean

The film door used in the GEO3.7 model consists of thermally toughened safety film (crystal film of fire protection class B1/flame retardant), which has an extremely high transparency and tear resistance. The film used for the door perfectly matches the design and transparency of the GEO3.7 dome. By opening the zips on one or both sides, the dome can be opened and closed quickly and easily. The film door can be rolled up to save space and attached to the upper edge of the door frame by means of an integrated magnetic strip. Robust plastic trim is screwed all around the steel frame of the film door, which holds the film securely in position even in a strong gust of wind. To close, unroll the film door and close it with the zips on the left and right of the trim. The zip fastenings can be secured to the frame at the bottom of the door with a padlock. Should anything untoward nevertheless happen: all doors used in the GEO models can be reordered individually.

Foil door image
Foil door image